Operation Fly NC


Message from TC Freeman, Operation Fly NC, July 2020​:

Hello pilots, for those that I haven't talked to we decided to support AOPA's Passport program app. AOPA beat us to the punch, in a good way, by getting this up and running first. The great thing is pilots can use this a multiple States and get awards (badges) along the way. Check it out: https://www.aopa.org/.../01/aopa-app-launches-pilot-passport

Unfortunately we are out of prize money and therefore not able to continue the program. If you have a partially completed or blank booklet you are more than welcome to complete the program realizing there are no long prizes. Fortunately many of the stamps still exist at NC airports, at locations without a stamp you can take a picture or get a signature from an airport representative to document your journey. Bottom line, we are sincerely sorry we are not able to provide prizes to those that have worked so hard to complete various levels of the Op Fly NC. 

Special thanks to those couple of folks (you know who you are) that stepped forward to support the program but sadly we were not able to find a partner non-profit club/group to handle the funds. 

Personally, Operation Fly NC has been one of the more rewarding programs we have initiated over my career. In those peaks and valleys of my own flying career it was great to live through the Op Fly NC pilots during my lulls in flying. 

Many thinks goes to David Williams, Executive Flight Training LLC based at the Raleigh Executive South Airport in Sanford, NC (KTTA) who grasped the vision in the every early days of constructing this program that promotes flight proficiency, tourism and continuing education.  David listened to me on a long car ride to an unrelated fly-in logistics meeting about trying to raise money to support the program. In his quiet manner he said, "my company will sponsor it,"  and just like that we were off to the races so to speak. 

TC Freeman


David Williams, CFI

This program wouldn't have been possible without

the support of David Williams, Executive Flight Trraining: