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Q: Why become a sponsor?

A: Besides the winning concept, Operation Fly NC pilots; buy fuel, rent automobiles, seek lodging, provide "operations" (take-off's and landings) to airports, pay tie-down fees, rent aircraft, get aircraft maintenance, explore business opportunities and more. In fact, a couple of years ago we calculated the approximately forty pilots that completed the program (or part) spent over $84,000 on fuel alone.

Q: I'm sold, how do I become a sponsor?

A: There are three levels of sponsorship; Gold, Silver and Bronze similar to our pilot award levels.

Gold Level Sponsorship: $3,500
Incudes a large logo on the Operation Fly NC website,
official booklet and via slide at select aviation safety events

Silver Level Sponsorship: $2,000
Medium logo on website, booklet
and via slide at select aviation safety events

Bronze Level Sponsorship: $500
Organization name in text on the website, booklet
and via select aviation safety events

*To get started contact TC Freeman at (919) 619-6828. Sponsorship funds are handled by our prize distribution co-sponsor, NC Airport Association.